Studybook in Stultology

Pildiotsingu stultoloogia tulemus

Authors: jolli&ckrabat

I don’t need a PhD
/chorus: I don’t need a PhD/
I just have my M-16
/chorus: I just have my M-16/


At first glance, they appear to us as ordinary people in the middle of us. Familiar face … blessed smile … swearing wink … and the recognition will come! It has found a member of the family! They contain something unobtrusive and mysterious: special gestures; mysterious sentences that only they can understand; glances that the outsiders do not understand; specific handmade signs and body language … Who are these mysterious characters who unobtrusively, but purposefully deliver in your immediate surroundings? Whose eyes are vigilantly directed to you and carefully mind your every move? There are many of those, very many. They may hide in the circle of your coworkers, friends and relatives, often remaining unnoticed in the crowd, but always maintaining a strong sense of identity. Those whom we do not seem to notice, but yet they are always next to us. They know very well that there are a lot of them, and together they make an unbeatable strength. Now that your forehead is pearled with sweats and thoughts, all that you have heard and read from various secret societies, behind the frame behind the dragging dark powers of the thread … Jews, Freemasons, Templar Knights, Illuminates … No! The best conspiracy is always a step ahead of fantasies … They are no tot people you thought. They … breathe deeply … is the fifth power … more powerful than the Jews, the Freemasons, the Templar Knights and the Illuminates together … they are FOOLS!

Socrates, a famous ancient philosopher, has said that he knows that he does not know anything – what his wisdom is. In the human language, the name ‘fool’ has often has acquired a diminutive shade where it is considered to be synonymous with foolishness. Fools have never said anything like that. They are the numerous and influential force in the modern society who give it their own face, they always know how the life is, and how to deal with various things of our time and space and even more. The society of Fools is based on the presumption of guiltiness – the assumption that “we are all drunkards, thieves, laity, lazy sausages, and dice!” Fools do not get messed up with jesters, which is an old, original and respectable profession. In the Middle Ages, the smartest people earned bread as jesters. Fools like a well-organized society, where it’s easy to recognize each other, but the jesters contrasted with rules for fools. Since fools have fought their human rights for today and in the stultologic world they are imposing the rules that affect our world today, it is useful to learn about them and to immediately develop stultology. Stultology comes from the Latin word “stultus” (stupid) and the Greek word “λογία”, “logic” (science) – all together, the science of fools. Stultology examines the origin of the fools, their peculiarities and behavioral patterns. It should not be confused with stultophilia or stultophobia, emotional concepts based on the love of fools or their hatred.

For thousands of years, a stable hierarchy based on species identity dominated the planet. When the gods left the Earth, they left a system that was led by Reptiloids, the mixed-blood progeny of humans and reptiles. A perishable social class of nobility was created by Reptiloids. Humans are the descendants of other hominidic species (such as neanderthals) who have lived on the planet  before and were subjected to Reptiloids control but retained their individual freedom. They were free peasants and townspeople. The fools, however, are an artificially produced selfish alien species whose job was to work from ancient times, build pyramids and extract gold, that is, they once formed the class of slaves and serfs, because they belonged to the ruling classes as machines (tools). When more fools appeared, the ruling classes increasingly had to take their interests into consideration and try to enjoy them, which was called the people’s power, or democracy. The difference with the ancient Greek democracy lies in the fact that there were no civil rights for Ancient-Greek fools and they stood outside the people. The Stultus family functions not by reason as other species but by commands programmed to it, such as obey, consume, reproduce, and conform ! If it no longer complies with the commands, it has failed.

Pildiotsingu george orwell warning tulemus

I chapter: From the origin of species

Sometimes you read the news and comments and do not understand if some fanatics of the idiotic initiatives still live with us in the same environment. Indeed, we run into them daily, they have the same sun, they breathe the same air and eat the same food, but when they look at things in the broader sense, industrial or home-made fools naturally favor things that make people’s life as unpleasant as possible. The reason is simple, because fools, as an alien species artificially introduced to Earth, hate all that is associated with humanity. The legends say that the first fools were brought to Earth several hundred thousand years ago from Nibiru. They were called “primordial fools”. In ancient traditions, they are called igigi, sometimes even grays, who formed the Nibiru proletariat. Legends tell that once on our planet, we also had “aboriginal fools”, but they moved away from here with fairies and dwarves, and from time to time they now will be met in another dimension.

Thus, it is possible that not the original virus or bacteria that by a single mistake survived the space flight, as it is customary to believe, but already the advanced collective organisms, primordial fools from the specie Stultus Primus deliberately introduced by  somebody, colonized the Earth as alien species. Sadly, Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species” has not mentioned them. Subsequently, they transformed to the species of Fools that were already better adapted to life on the planet, ordinary fool or Stultus Vulgaris, with its subspecies, a strong fool or Stultus Robustus, who was usually entrusted with the worst and most demanding parts of physical work. So self-reproducing  alien species the fools repelled indigenous Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals out from the Earth, until they got a lot and children of hamburger stands,  continuators of glorious bloodlines of the Stultus family, inherited the Earth.

Once upon a time, fools lived with reptile Annunaki far from the Orion constellation in the planet of Nibiru. How fools got to Nibiru, no one knew, but one day they were just there. Probably the fools gave rise to Nibiru by the God, who is one ordinary dude in one of the higher dimensions. His real name is difficult to pronounce the inhabitants of the planet Earth, but we call him just a Pizza Boy, as he likes to set pizza beer aside with beer. On one beautiful day, he already created a computer simulation called Life, which he still manages to play on – creates new game puzzles and kills old ones. How many times he has been fed up with this game, and when the beer has run out, the simulation has also been dumped, but as long as beer will continue for Pizza Boy, life continues here as well, since after supplementing the stock, somewhere in the corner of the cosmic time and space he has caused a new Life again and again. One day God would drink hard and the next day with hangover he created fools on Nibiru. Annunaki and fools have lived together in Nibiru for millennia, but Annunaki did not like Fools, because they always had a lot of trouble and crap. The objects created with hangover were not perfect and there had many disadvantages.

There was another reason for reaching the Fools on Earth because of the big problems that arose on Nibiru, the home plane of Annunaki. In fact, the Annunaki were fluctuating reptiles, whose well-being depended on the planet’s thermoregulation, which had to provide them with a living environment and had a  protective golden layer around the planet. Gold reserves of Nibiru began to run down and to replenish stocks, they had to find new locations from space, because they faced the consequences of a catastrophic climate change much more before Earth’s inhabitants. In the search for gold, a group of Annunaki came to the planet Earth, and since there was also gold, the colony of Nibiru  was founded on the Earth. In order to extract gold on Earth, they needed workers, and so they solved two flies with one hand – the Annunaki decided to take Fools to the newly discovered territory on the one hand to get rid of them from the Nibiru, but on the other hand to dig gold for the Reptiles. They told Fools that their takeover is temporary and they will come to them on December 21, 2012.  In order to keep track of the time, they left the Mayan calendar for the Fools. The Fools believed in it and finally were dropped off, but  … Of course, nobody came back to them anymore.

However, the transport of primordial fools was costly and, moreover, they began to rebel, because the slavery had been abolished on Nibiru, but the Annunaki found that this was not the case with colonies. However, the Igigi began to demand similar rights as they had on Nibiru. Finally, the Reptiles found that it was cheaper to start producing Fools on the site and they started to develop new self-propelled genetic robots based on local human beings on Earth, which makes it hard to distinguish from humans of the Earth by external observation. Locally built fools were considered to be more robust tools than the human beings in the area, Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons, who often did not withstand to  hard work, became sick and died. Fools were mainly used for gold mining and pyramid construction. The pyramids were the kind of fortresses where the Annunaki lived and held their gold reserves. The pyramids were built in Mesopotamia, where the earliest Nibiru expeditions landed, but also in Egypt, Nigeria, Greece, the Canary Islands (then in Atlantis), Mexico, Peru and elsewhere. Humans were considered to being more advanced than fools and the Annunaki tried to civilize them. The Reptiles of the Nibiru liked the human women, and because of this there were also born their mixed-blood offsprings, Reptiloids, who later formed the planet’s superiors. The Reptiles of Nibiru also taught humans the simplest knowledge to develop them already to such an extent that, after leaving the Annunaki, they could themselves dig gold and build pyramids.

Old nations, fairies and elves, have long since left the Earth in other dimensions. Thousands of Reptiles have returned to Nibiru, though it is said that their remaining part has not gone away, but has been hidden in secret underground cave cities, where they are trying to control the life on the planet. Today, the species living on the planet Earth are Reptiloids (descendants of humans and reptiles), people (descendants of Neanderthals, descendants of the Denissova people and descendants of Cro-Magnons), and Fools, the descendants of the primordial fools brought into the Earth in the cargo compartment of the flyboards by Reptiles, most of which are already organisms fit together in Earth’s factories – genetically modified biorobots. Unfortunately, this alien species were extraordinarily reproductive and today they have spread throughout the planet, while destroying the living environment and eliminating other species. The abundance of the other two species, on the other hand, decreases at a catastrophic rate. For Fools, it’s extremely important to recognize each other, because then they perceive that there are lots of them and they are able to overthrow the planet to their own will. As an alien species, everything human is strange and unacceptable to them. When studying the customs of the Fools, stultologists have noticed that Fools are known for certain rituals such as ice-water riding or showing an ass, by which they can certainly be identified as Fools. Naturally, Fools have developed some kind of mimic, glances, handmade signs, gestures, on the basis of which the species can be defined quite likely.

Pildiotsingu neukkud tulemus


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